NEES Faculty Decorate Pumpkins

November 1, 2019

Each Grade Level or Department of the faculty decorated pumpkins to show the students. Some students from each grade level were entered into a drawing for a chance to take a pumpkin home on Friday.  Click on Title to View Pictures and Winners.



Fly Guy                                                              Captain Underpants


Emory – 1st grade Fulco                                 Ryan – 1st grade L. Smith


Mrs. Bernice from Northeast                     Arthur


Karyna – 3rd grade Justice                             Malyha – 2nd grade Efrid


Unicorn                                                                Dumbo


Destiny – Kindergarten Siddens                Derek – Kindergarten Davis


Splish Splash                                                       VSCO Girl


Josey – 4th grade Flippen                                  Keely – 5th grade Larson


Captain Underpants 2.o                                        Baby Shark


Xzavier – 3rd grade Longworth                           Jesus – 4th grade Farris